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Nov 14, 2018

Welcome to the Totally Normal Podcast episode 77: Hangoutlander 402 DO NO HARM

 Well, guys— this week was a tough episode… As you know, Do No Harm dug talked a lot about slavery and enslaved people and had an especially difficult ending. 

We want to acknowledge first and foremost that we are so completely aware of the fact that Hangoutlander is normally a group of 3 or 4 white women discussing Outlander. That’s always been a problem to us and something we discussed long before this episode- we are aware that there is not much diversity among the writers and commenters on our team. But we were extra aware this week knowing we were going to have a discussing about slavery.

Beth did a great job with her recap of DO NO HARM and I encourage you to read it if you haven’t yet here:

She let the voices who should have the stage to discuss this episode do so. And we were thrilled when our friend La'Shay took us up on an invitation to join us on Hangoutlander this week. La'Shay is an avid Outlander Fan, a book reader, she’s lived in Scotland, and she’s a woman of color. 

We loved hearing La'Shay’s take on the episode- what she he loved, what didn’t work for her and what she wishes they had done differently. It was great to have a new voice on Hangoutlander and another book reader to outnumber Bekah and Julie who can’t remember anything from the books.!

Thanks for listening. Remember we do this each Monday at 9 pm ET on You Tube with the podcast to follow a few days later. Catch all our Outlander coverage here