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Welcome to the Totally Normal Podcast, a podcast from where we drink (usually) and talk about something in pop culture and entertainment, whether it's the latest book we love, show we're obsessed with (We see you, Outlander) or Movie Franchise (i.e. Star Wars).

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Apr 14, 2019

It's episode 104 of the Totally Normal Podcast And on Harry Potter and the Totally Normal Hangout we're talking chapters 11-15 of Chamber of Secrets with Jamie, Emily, Lorena & Zanib.  

It's a lot to cover like, The Dueling club and How dumb was it that Flitwick, champion dueler, wasn't even involved and Snape literally had to protect the students from Lockhart. But at least the students could learn something...

Hermionie and the polyjuice potion had everything planned to a T! Except, where was the Slytherin common room again?

Why did we never get to see Percy's point of view this year and his love for Penelope Clearwater. 

Hagrid's inability to provide decent advice, direction or counseling.

Yet again Lucius Malfoy was right in wanting to remove Dumbledore, and lastly, the thing we most would have loved to have seen in the movies was the Valentines Dwarves, and did Ginny send Harry the valentine? or was it secretly sent by Draco?

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