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Welcome to the Totally Normal Podcast, a podcast from where we drink (usually) and talk about something in pop culture and entertainment, whether it's the latest book we love, show we're obsessed with (We see you, Outlander) or Movie Franchise (i.e. Star Wars).

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Oct 5, 2016

Welcome to the Totally Normal podcast where getting drunk and talking about books is totally normal.

For Boozy Book Club our September books were Gayle Forman’s Leave Me and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

One was the adult debut of one of our favorite Young Adult authors, and one is the highly acclaimed fantasy novel that we are super anticipating coming to our TV screens and laptops on Starz next year.

Amy and Beth were joined by Hangout newbies: Courtney and Danelle. We had a great time trying to figure out why we just couldn’t relate to Gayle Forman’s protagonist Maribeth and why American Gods is totally and completely indelible.

We hope you enjoy this Boozy Book Club and join us for the month of October as we read Melina Marchetta’s newest Tell the Truth Shame the Devil and The Regulars by Georgia Clark.

We will see you Tuesday, Nov 1st at 10pm EST for another live Hangout. 

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