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Welcome to the Totally Normal Podcast, a podcast from where we drink (usually) and talk about something in pop culture and entertainment, whether it's the latest book we love, show we're obsessed with (We see you, Outlander) or Movie Franchise (i.e. Star Wars).

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Jan 10, 2019

Welcome to Episode 91 of the Totally Normal Podcast.

Harry Potter and the Totally Normal Hangout.

Potter-Fam, we've made it to the end of book one. We're covering chapters 11-17 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  On this episode we talk about the character flaws of beloved half-giant Hagrid and eleven-year olds having to shoulder his dragon drama, the sadness of Harry seeing his extended family in the mirror of erised, how the Malfoys were not wrong about some of the stupid stuff that was allowed to go on at Hogwarts. Were the challenges  teachers put in place too easy if first years and logic could solve them? 

And then we got in deep, real deep-- like,

How did Quirrell Sleep with Voldemort on the back of his head,

is there Centaur fanfic?

and how bad did it smell under that turban. Really, we went all in on this episode.

Be sure to follow us with the #TNtalksHP on all the socials to find out when we'll be back with Book 2 The Chamber of Secrets, and subscribe to the podcast on Itunes. And now, Let's talk Harry Potter with the Totally Normal Hangout: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Chapters 11-17.