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Welcome to the Totally Normal Podcast, a podcast from where we drink (usually) and talk about something in pop culture and entertainment, whether it's the latest book we love, show we're obsessed with (We see you, Outlander) or Movie Franchise (i.e. Star Wars).

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Mar 14, 2019

Welcome back, witches and wizards, to episode 100 of the Totally Normal Podcast.

This episode we are diving in to Harry Potter and the Totally Normal Hangout, Chamber of Secrets chapters 1-5.

Join your resident witches as we chat the sociopolitical complexities of House-Elf magic, how disturbing the Dursleys treatment of Harry continues to be, the stupidity of twelve year olds, and why the Floo Network really doesn't make any sense. All this and a Taco Bell parking lot brawl await you in this episode!

And now, let's talk Totally Normal and the Chamber of Secrets.