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Welcome to the Totally Normal Podcast, a podcast from where we drink (usually) and talk about something in pop culture and entertainment, whether it's the latest book we love, show we're obsessed with (We see you, Outlander) or Movie Franchise (i.e. Star Wars).

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Nov 10, 2018

Hi and welcome to the Totally Normal Podcast Episode # 76. This week on TARDIScuss, Laura is back and joins Lorena and Emily to discuss The Tsurunga Conundrum, Episode 5 of Season 11 of Doctor Who.

This week the ladies talk about the sadness over no Christmas Episode and literally come up with 10 great examples that the...

Nov 10, 2018

This is another edition of the Totally Normal podcast, and we are back with the fourth season of Hangoutlander - the reason 87% of you are here in the first place.

This is our live hangout where we talk about America the Beautiful ... the song AND the episode of Outlander. We might even sing. A bit. A little bit.


Nov 6, 2018

This  week on TarDISCUSS, Emily and Lorena are joined by sock puppet Laura, filling in for regular Laura. Which is a good thing because, well, spiders. We're talking about "Arachnids in the UK" Season 11, Episode 4 of Doctor Who.

Team Tardis has made it’s way back to earth and the ladies break down all things...

Nov 5, 2018

Today on In the Waterweeds, we're rereading Drums of Autumn parts 11 and 12 aka the end. We’ve made it- Finally!


Beth, Nikki, Amy and Janna cover all your fav moments from the end of the book including Brianna giving birth, Grandsire Jamie, Claire, some mohawks, Roger the Priest and the awful and terrible story line...

Oct 27, 2018

Hi and welcome to the Totally Normal Podcast, episode 72! This week on TARDIScuss Emily, Lorena, and Laura discuss the third episode of the new season of Doctor Who entitled, "Rosa".

The ladies break down this week's episode, including what important things they missed last week, the intense and powerful theme of this...